Corporate Responsibility


Message from the MD
Dear Stakeholders,
Greetings !

We attempt to weave sustainability parameters in the fabric of our business processes resulting in to tangible gains. This has collectively reflected on our improved triple bottom line which integrates social, economic and environmental considerations of business. We would thereby accelerate our steps towards our vision -To become the most admired, successful and socially responsible special steel manufacturer in India by 2019.

Undeterred by the continuing turbulence and slump in the steel market we have been able to keep ourselves afloat in these hard times with our understanding and commitment to be a sustainable steel manufacturing business.

Embracing sustainability is now an integral part of our transformation journey. These efforts have resulted in energy savings, improved resource efficiency, water conservation and reducing emissions. It also helps us to grasp the interrelatedness of the business economic activities to the environmental and social responsibilities. In line with our focus on environmental issues, we have started our work on generating solar power with 20KW to being with an ambition of going upto 4MW. Similar projects have been initiated for high, intermediate and low waste heat recovery.

Our efforts are not just constrained to imbibing sustainability in our operations but also in our value chain in a collaborative way. We are jointly initiating projects on sustainable manufacturing and consumption to achieve and scale new heights. Understanding and fulfilling these needs also benefits our customers and suppliers within the tenets of risk, opportunity and reputation management.

Our goals have been ambitious - 50% reduction in water consumption and pollution level and 60% lowering of GHG emissions by 2019 in relation to the baseline scenario of the year 2013-14 with the motto: low aim and not failure is a crime. Within the overall five years’ rolling roadmap built on back casting, we identify, design and implement short term projects while continuously scanning the horizons for technology changes. These plans are executed through cross functional teams in place. A Business Excellence Cell regularly reviews the progress on such projects while Sustainability Apex Council makes a quarterly review providing guidelines and resources. There is also a continual interaction process with the all the stakeholders to take into account the current and emerging issues that we need to consider as material aspects of the business. The roadmap aspects are also linked to GRI indicators, Sustainable Development Goals and Business Scorecard KPIs.

We are also conscious of the multiple challenges we would be facing on the way which we will resolve together with the support of stakeholders and infusion of technological innovations and continuously create short and long term values for all. This embraces the living Rise – a core purpose and philosophy of the Group.

I would like to thank all Mahindra Sanyo employees for embracing sustainability as a foundation for current and future success, and in doing so being a catalyst for continued positive transformation. I would also like to thank all other stakeholders our suppliers, customers, affiliates and investors for their continued confidence and trust in the value we bring as business.

You are welcome to read the standalone, GRI G4 aligned (core), externally assured Sustainability Report for FY 15-16 from Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel.

Uday Gupta | Managing Director


  • Mahindra Rise Award 2015 – Game Changer Award for ELCA Study
  • Mahindra Rise Award 2015 – Innovation Award for new grade of high Carbon Steel
  • Associated with Responsible Steel - Steel Stewardship Council Australia
  • Presented paper on Life Cycle Assessment at EcoBalance Conference 2016, Japan
  • Part of Alliance for Integrity, a business driven multi-stakeholder initiative that aims at promoting clean business practices and fair competition as a means to a stable, secure and responsible business investment climate
  • National Energy Management award 2015 by CII for “Energy Efficient Unit”
  • Presented on Life cycle assessment of steel products at the International Life Cycle Management Conference (ILCM) held on September 2015 at Bordeaux (Paris).
  • Paper Presentation at FICCI on Life Cycle Assessment of a Steel Ring Product.
  • Represented a case study at National Level in the Special Edition of Knowledge Sharing Platform of BEE magazine in 2015